Our Story

Bicheno Penguin Tours was founded in 1992 By Paul Male and Nic Wardlaw who had moved to Bicheno in the 1980’s in search of town that reflected their views of Nature, Community & Fun.

Early in the 1990’s the local penguin colony suffered heavily through repetitive dog attacks due to a lack of awareness about the damage roaming pets can have on native animals. This inspired the two to seek out a business model of “use business to protect nature’ Through Nic’s work as a teacher and Paul’s experience in landscaping they both understood that together they could use education and land management to restore the local penguin population from a low of 40 up to currently 600 penguins.

Throughout our years of operation, we have been able to monitor the penguins 24/7 and react as necessary to threats to the penguin population. This protection model has allowed us to partner with local farmers acquiring an area of land that was previously paddock space and convert it back to penguin habitat allowing for penguin population to continue to expand allowing for multiple generations to stay in the area.

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