Our Mission

Our mission is to use business to protect little penguins through Education and Action.

Bicheno Penguin Tours Values:

Environmental Conservation

Bicheno Penguin Tours is committed to Environmental Conservation. We believe in using business to protect nature as we have a social responsibility to solve problems within the environment, not just for our little penguin’s, but for the community. Bicheno Penguin Tours has long standing initiatives such as the ongoing task of removing introduced flora and fauna from our local coastline.


Bicheno Penguin Tours is dedicated to supporting our community, through employment opportunities, sponsorships, training & upskilling of our staff. Bicheno Penguin Tours founders have always been strong community members assisting with local events, and the development of the town.


Bicheno Penguin Tours aims to provide a valuable experience to all our client’s. We believe that as a core employer and the original private tourist attraction in our region it’s our responsibility to meet and exceed your expectations. We provide all our customers with an honest and fun experience that doesn’t disappoint. We take your feedback seriously and appreciate any comments you would like to share.