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Summer Season

September - January

Tours Depart from 7:30pm - 9:10pm

During breeding season, the penguins are very busy preparing for their offspring. The male penguins are especially busy during this time, as they take on the important task of building burrows to protect their growing families. They work tirelessly to create a safe and cozy home that meets the expectations of their mates and their offspring.





(Children under 4 are free)

Winter Season

April - August (includes February)

Tours Depart from 5:00pm - 7:30pm

During the Winter Season, penguins are focused on maintaining their burrows, building better nests, and taking a break from the constant stress of being in the ocean. This season is generally quieter for both our penguins and guests, providing a unique opportunity for a more personalised experience in the penguin rookery. It's worth noting that February is typically the moulting season for our penguins, during which they stay home.





(Children under 4 are free)

Low Season


Tours Depart from 7.45pm

During the month of March, the penguins are splitting their time between the rookery and the sea, as they recover from the task of raising their young. This period typically sees smaller groups of penguins in the rookery, creating a more intimate and peaceful environment for visitors to experience. It's a wonderful time to witness the daily routines of these fascinating birds and gain an appreciation for their resilience and hard work.





(Children under 4 are free)

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